Bidalgo 荣获 Facebook 营销合作伙伴创意徽章

By Team Bidalgo

我们怀着激动的心情宣布,Bidalgo 荣获一枚新的 Facebook 营销合作伙伴徽章——创意徽章!

继斩获Facebook官方营销技术合作伙伴称号之后,能够再度获得 Facebook 的认可,令我们深感自豪。我们将继续深耕创意制作和优化产品,为移动广告主提供更加全面完善的解决方案。


Facebook 营销合作伙伴 (Facebook Marketing Partner, FMP) 是按照 Facebook 最严苛的质量标准筛选出来的优质合作伙伴。FMP 作为顶级合作伙伴功绩赫赫,能够为广告主提供专业技术,帮助广告主提高效率,有效推动广告主向其独有的商业目标挺近。

创意徽章证明了我们的团队和技术在创意广告内容创作、策划和投放方面(在 Facebook、Instagram 和 Audience Network 平台)的突出实力。

The Importance of Creative

There’s no question that creative has quickly become the single most important driver for mobile performance and branding. This is especially true as we look toward the future in today’s age of channel and campaign automation.

Nowadays, top-notch creatives are more essential than ever. But, more often than not, marketers still lack the expertise and resources to take on a real creative-centric approach to their campaign management.

With this in mind, we’re committed to outfitting our partners with the tools and strategies they need to overcome their biggest challenges in creative production, testing, fatigue, measurement, and more.

Of the new badge, our CEO and Co-Founder Peli Beeri said: “We’re thrilled to expand our presence in the Facebook Marketing Partner program with a new badge for our specialty in Creative. Facebook is a close partner of ours and it’s an honor to get their recognition as an industry leader when it comes to providing valuable creative insights and generating excellent creative assets for our clients.”

Unique Creative Packages

To celebrate the addition of our new creative badge, we’ve built some unique new packages for creative production that offer free access to our new Creative Center. With this offer, we aim to deliver our industry-leading creative assets and an unparalleled ability to analyze and optimize your creative performance across channels and campaigns.

We’re honored to add the FMP creative badge to our repertoire, and we look forward to further expanding our dedication to top-tier creative management with our partners at Facebook.

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Published on 八月 9, 2020
Team Bidalgo

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