Supercharge your Ad Creative Production With Data-Driven Insights

Do you know why some creatives succeed while others fail? We do. Use Bidalgo to optimize ad creative production and learn how to reliably replicate success

Eliminate Guesswork From Creative Analysis

Gain greater understanding of your creative assets with AI-powered, actionable recommendations, insights and analysis.

• From Assets to Insights
The Creative Dashboard gives you glanceable, actionable insights about the performance of your creative assets, including cross-ad ranking.

Track The Origins of Success
Tag creative to attribute its success to a specific concept or even a designer, to discover your best assets—whether creative or human.

• Scale Your Creativity
Easily judge creative performance in real time, optimize activity, and detect creative fatigue.

Streamline Your Creative Production Workflows

Make better assets and replicate successes easier with advanced features designed to help you with your day-to-day tasks.

• Bring Your Creativity, We’ll Do The Rest
Automate the iterative creation process with auto-production, which creates iterations of successful concepts.

• Focus on The Important Work
No need to do work for the sake of work: with Bidalgo you always know which media formats and sizes have the most potential for each campaign.

• Get Your Recipe for Success
Discover successful creative ingredients with Bidalgo Creative Brief’s advanced algorithms.

Awesome for Creative Teams, Great for UA Teams

Reach deeper understanding of campaign performance and take better decisions with unique data streams and actionable intelligence.

• Data Analysis – Reinvented
Transform all your data—channel, MMP and BI—into actionable insights using real-time analysis.

• Know More Through Data Enrichment
When the channel and the measurement platform don’t give you asset-level analytics—Bidalgo does.

• Take Action from Within The Analysis Screens
If you see an actionable correlation during analysis, act based on it with just a few clicks.

“Bidalgo’s Creative Intelligence allowed us to eliminate the guesswork and iterations involved in developing ad creatives and focus more on results. Using this technology Cookapps was able to produce ad creatives that delivered higher ROAS across multiple audiences”

Boram Ku, Director of Marketing and Ad Monetization, Cookapps Cookapps

“Bidalgo Creative Intelligence has allowed us to not only scale to millions of users with strong return on ad spend, but also understand what type of additional game content to produce. Bidalgo was one of our key partners in breaking into the top 10 grossing apps.”

Filippo De Rose, Head of Marketing and Ad Monetization, Pixelberry Studios Pixelberry Studios

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