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Bidalgo helps app marketers scale their growth with a top notch AI driven ad automation platform and experienced media buying, creative design and strategy services. As an official marketing partner of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat and Pinterest, Bidalgo is the fastest way to take your app to the top of the charts. Learn More

Offering complete integration between Pinterest’s API and the Bidalgo ad automation platform, Bidalgo’s clients are now able to run Pinterest promoted app pins effortlessly and efficiently.

Today Bidalgo was chosen to be a Pinterest MARKETING DEVELOPER PARTNER. Bidalgo offers a fast and easy way to launch mobile app promoted pins for advertisers looking to get profitable ROAS on their campaigns, adding Pinterest as one of the top channels for quality user acquisition.

Advanced app marketers working with Bidalgo platform or using Bidalgo’s fully managed services can leverage the efficiency of ad automation platform with mass uploading, automated rules, CPI optimization, creative dashboard and all-in-one data dashboard. This allows marketers seize the opportunity to be the first to launch Pinterest promoted app pins and acquire high-quality users profitably at scale.


Peli Beeri, Bidalgo’s CEO:

“I’m thrilled to announce our new partnership with Pinterest, a high-growth platform with more than 150 million monthly users, discovering new products and experiences.

We view Pinterest as the next big opportunity for advertisers to tap into the audience ready to buy (93% of
all users plan purchases on the platform and 87% buy items they found). Using our robust ad automation, bidding and testing algorithms advanced marketers can grow revenue faster and efficiently from this channel.

We are honored to become an official member of the PINTEREST MARKETING PARTNER program.”

Pinterest partnership with Bidalgo follows an intense period of tests for a selected group of clients, among of them are Rocket Play, which generated great results, and prompted others to join in . “We were extremely happy to be approached by Bidalgo, our great partner, as we both see Pinterest as our new blue ocean, a way to reach new quality users early in a new channel”, Bryan Bennet, VP XXX from RocketPlay shares. “We are pleased with initial results for our campaigns and looking forward to seeing what’s next.”






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