Say goodbye to boring spreadsheet-like solutions and say hello to Bidalgo’s new visualized dashboard!


The creative dashboard allows you to quickly understand your creative status and performance, analyze it based on common metrics and the new Bidalgo Rank, and act on your results with quick ad-sets creation!

Tell me more!

  • A one-and-easy stop shop for all your creative decision making
  • Use our very own Bidalgo rank, created especially based on our vast experience, to view the entire creative funnel from impression to install in a one simple, easy-to-use measurement
  • See the algo recommendations to get a clear call to action to optimize the UA activity (use it, push it, improve it!)
  • Quickly turn your conclusions into actions all in one place – choose your images and create ad-sets based on them
  • See your top and worst performing creatives according to your goals
  • View both video and image ads for quick comparison and analysis


To start using the creative dashboard today, contact us!

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