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Watch The Webinar:
Creative Management

Watch our webinar with PerBlue’s Rick Grunewald about creative management – the new campaign management. We covered topics like creative fatigue detection, production at scale, creative measurement and more

By Peleg Israeli
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Watch: Data Transparency – Dealing with Blind Spots

With campaign automation and channel black-boxing on the rise, advertisers are finding their access to key campaign data, especially at the user-level, more restricted than ever. In this webinar, we’re explaining how to deal with those data blind spots.

By Itai Kafri
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The Future of UA: Webinar Series

Dive into some of the new changes in user acquisition in a special webinar series, as we dissect the latest in the trajectory for the future of UA and how marketers can prepare for it.

By Team Bidalgo
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Creative Online Workshop for UA & Design Teams

Missed our latest live creative workshop? No worries, you can watch it on-demand. Discover how to improve your performance by breaking down the barriers between User Acquisition and Design teams.

By Carly Morris
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Capitalizing On App Event Optimization

Direct response (DR) advertising is all about understanding your ultimate business objective. While a lot of DR focuses on user acquisition, the underlying goal that advertisers look to achieve often goes beyond getting a user to land on a site, sign-up for a mailing list, or download an app. The smart advertiser understands this simple … Read more

By Aviad Dadon
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Balance High Volume User Acquisition And Retention For Maximum Profit

Whether you are launching a new app or running a mature game, mastering retention strategies can help you grow faster. Most mobile marketers make the mistake of managing user acquisition and retention campaigns as two separate initiatives. If you want to get the most from your user acquisition and retention, you have to find a … Read more

By Yulia V Smirnova
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Grow Revenue Like Top Grossing Apps

The higher your LTV, and the better you measure it, the more aggressively you can bid. Eventually, you’ll beat your competition that auctions for the same type of users.

By Ran Milo
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How To Get High Performance Results On Instagram

With over 400M monthly active users worldwide, spending 21 minutes per day and 75% of users taking actions on inspiring posts, Instagram is super exciting for any performance marketer.

By Peleg Israeli

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