Cross-Channel Creative Analysis for a Creative-Centric Future

By Matthew Skurnick

Webinar by Google & Bidalgo (Recorded)

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The old saying is cliched but true: creative is still king. With more and more manual decision-making being absorbed into channel automations, the one place where advertisers still maintain full control is creative. (What better example than Google App Campaigns?)

Google knows it, Bidalgo knows it, and most savvy marketers know it. But, what many advertisers don’t know is how to address it. Analyzing creative performance to understand what’s working and why is challenging enough. But, when you’re running campaigns across multiple channels, that comes with a whole new set of challenges to tackle too.

That’s why we built this special session to help you break down all the ins and outs of cross-channel creative analysis.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Identify essential creative metrics for an effective cross-channel strategy.
  • Explore how to compare creative metrics apples to apples, even when networks behave differently.
  • Outline best practices for aggregating, analyzing, and optimizing creative data from multiple sources.
  • Get your questions answered live!
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Moderated by

Akshay Shrivastava Akshay Shrivastava Creative Analytics Lead, Google
Matt Skurnick Matt Skurnick Product Growth Lead, Bidalgo
Published on August 6, 2020
Written by
Matthew Skurnick

Product Growth Lead @ Bidalgo

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