A Simple Guide to TikTok Creative Success

What are the differences between user acquisition on TikTok and other networks? How should your build and maintain your campaigns? Is there a way to maximize your chances of creative success? Learn this, and more, in our simple and practical guide.

Creative Insights Report 2020

What percentage of ad creative underperforms, and which formats are the most popular ones? This, and much more, in the Bidalgo Creative Insights report

Watch The Webinar:
Creative Management

Watch our webinar with PerBlue’s Rick Grunewald about creative management – the new campaign management. We covered topics like creative fatigue detection, production at scale, creative measurement and more

Watch: Data Transparency – Dealing with Blind Spots

With campaign automation and channel black-boxing on the rise, advertisers are finding their access to key campaign data, especially at the user-level, more restricted than ever. In this webinar, we’re explaining how to deal with those data blind spots.

The Future of UA: Webinar Series

Dive into some of the new changes in user acquisition in a special webinar series, as we dissect the latest in the trajectory for the future of UA and how marketers can prepare for it.

How To Soft Launch Your Mobile App

How do you turn your soft launch into hard-earned insights? What should you measure, and what is irrelevant? Download our guide to soft-launching a mobile app for UA managers, and ensure a successful launch of your next app.

Campaign Budget Optimization – The Complete Guide

CBO is coming: soon, Facebook will no longer allow marketers to set a campaign’s budget at the ad set level. Download our guide and get practical tips and proven strategies to promote your mobile apps in a CBO-only world.