Supercharge Your Creative Performance

Not all creatives have the same impact. Now you can understand what works, why, and how to make more of it.

Ensure Creative Success with Data-Driven Insights and Brilliant Tools

It’s not easy to understand why some creatives are successful while others fall flat. At Bidalgo, we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and our industry-wide presence to analyze creatives, discover the best ingredients and help you scale creative production without missing a beat.

Understand the True Impact of Your Creative Assets

Get clear, actionable insights about your creative assets’ current performance and future success potential, with breakdowns by asset type and placement.

Get Your Recipe for Creative Success

See which creative elements are your most successful ones, based on computer vision analysis of your creative library, and enrich your creative production with granular advice – up to and including element types and color hex codes.

Scale Your Creativity Without Missing a Beat

Bidalgo makes it easy to judge creative performance in real time through our analytics suite, and refresh stale creative with minimum effort using bulk uploads and cloud sync with online storage providers.

Discover How Competitive You Are at Any Moment

We compare your creatives to the vast catalogue of ads we have already analyzed, and try to score every element based on past successes.

Keep Your Hand on the Pulse of Creative Performance

Our experienced creative specialists can help you optimize and scale your production, based on years of experience with the largest companies in the world and intimate knowledge of the Bidalgo platform.

“Bidalgo Creative Intelligence has allowed us to not only scale to millions of users with strong return on ad spend, but also understand what type of additional game content to produce. Bidalgo was one of our key partners in breaking into the top 10 grossing apps.”

Filippo De Rose, Head of Marketing and Ad Monetization, Pixelberry Studios Pixelberry Studios

“Bidalgo’s Creative Intelligence allowed us to eliminate the guesswork and iterations involved in developing ad creatives and focus more on results. Using this technology Cookapps was able to produce ad creatives that delivered higher ROAS across multiple audiences”

Boram Ku, Director of Marketing and Ad Monetization, Cookapps Cookapps

“Leveraging Bidalgo’s platform and expertise, we were able to free up more of our team’s time through automation and utilize the cross-channel insights to drive efficient performance at scale.”

Eugenia Kovalenko, Director of Marketing, Smule Smule

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