Creative Intelligence

Supercharge Your Creative Performance Not all creatives have the same impact. Now you can understand what works, why, and how to make more of it. Schedule a Demo Ensure Creative Success with Data-Driven Insights and Brilliant Tools It’s not easy to understand why some creatives are successful while others fall flat. At Bidalgo, we harness … Read more

Ad Analytics & Insights

Find Treasure in the Forest of Marketing Data Win the marketing race by providing the best ads to the right users, using a data aggregation and analysis platform unlike any other. Schedule a Demo All the Insights You Need, Just a Few Clicks Away Bidalgo brings clarity to mobile marketing activities, distilling vast datasets into … Read more

Ad Automation

Reach Your Goals Faster, With Algorithms That Have Your Back Bidalgo’s full-funnel automation capabilities serve as a virtual team member, who can run the tests and optimizations you need—at scale. Schedule a Demo The Road to Sustained Growth Is Easier to Walk With Someone by Your Side Bidalgo provides UA managers with the option to … Read more

Campaign Optimization

By UA Managers, for UA Managers Do more, faster, with Bidalgo. Our multi-channel platform was built to sreamline every part of campaign management workflows. Schedule a Demo Focus on What’s Important, We’ll Take Care of the Rest Bidalgo was created to simplify media buying in a world filled with complicated management interfaces and multi-channel complexity. … Read more