Discover the Best Platform for Marketing on TikTok and Beyond

Increase the return on your marketing investment with uniquely-actionable insights, robust multi-channel campaign management, and advanced activity analysis capabilities

See The Full Picture, Make Better Decisions

Transform all the data available to you—BI, measurement platform, channel—into actionable insights. Discover unique heuristic data such as delivery breakdown and impact analysis, get budget tips and rapidly judge the efficiency of new platform tools without costly experimentation.

Give Your Creative the Attention It Deserves​

Rethink what’s possible in your creative production and analysis. Measure creative potential before it’s tested, detect fatigue, benchmark and learn how to replicate success.

Streamline Campaign Management Workflows​

Manage campaigns with ease at any scale of activity, using our proprietary interface – designed by UA managers for UA managers.

“Adding TikTok Ads to Bidalgo makes my life even easier. By gathering all the data from multiple sources, I can quickly visualize historical performance with built-in charts & export cohorted data for analysis with a click of a button.”

David Park, Growth Product Manager, Hooked Hooked

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