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Desktop App Ads Bring Outstanding ROI for Plarium

The Client

Plarium, an international leader in online strategy games.

The Goal

Plarium selected Bidalgo to help scale and drive high quality users to one of their most successful and well known Facebook applications: Total Domination.

The Strategy

  • Bidalgo used their genre focused Gaming Specialists and conducted extensive research in order to better understand how to reach and engage an audience of hardcore gamers on Facebook.
  • We Immediately adopted a new Facebook Ad Format: Desktop App Install Ads. By understanding the high potential in creating engaging ads with this new ad format Bidalgo tested hundreds of images and texts in order to find the winning combinations that brought Plarium the highest value.
  • By utilizing their proprieatry algo-bidding technology, Bidalgo matched an optimal bid for every combination of ads.
  • In order to predict the ROI outcomes of this new ad format, Bidalgo conducted statistical comparisons to similar experiences with RHS ads, thus resulting in improved LTV predictions and immediate action items. Upon indication of outstanding initial results, Bidalgo focused on scaling this activity to maximize Plarium’s ROI.

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Day 1
retention Increase


FTD rate Increase


ARPU Increase

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