Smule Increases Scale on Snapchat with Bidalgo

Smule’s Mission For Snapchat Ads

With over 187m daily active users, 10b average daily video views and fast accelerating user growth, Snapchat is quickly proving itself as a go-to channel for user acquisition managers. Smule, the #1 social music making app, turned to Snapchat Partners Bidalgo with a mission to reach exciting new audiences and to drive growth via engaging full-screen video ads.

The Strategy: Why Smule Partnered with Bidalgo

By using Bidalgo’s multi-channel platform to manage Snapchat ads, market leader Smule was able to target Snap’s 300+ predefined audiences at significantly larger scale. After implementation, Smule was able to gain comprehensive insights on ‘snap ad’ performance, decrease CPA and increase volume of payers, Installs and Payers Rate.

By leveraging Bidalgo’s platform, Smule was able to:

  • use advanced A/B testing capabilities to get cleaner results and employ an all-in-one dashboard for real-time data access
  • migrate MMP data with payer intel to make smarter ad decisions
  • use Bidalgo’s ‘overtime’ graph to see a one-click trend view from a single point of access
  • access advanced geo insights allowing a one-click action for multiple ad sets

Pairing Bidalgo with Snapchat, Smule’s UA team were able to quickly act upon any ‘snap ad’ performance shifts and closely monitor all ad changes for optimum results.  

The Outcome: SING!’s Improvement on Snapchat

Within weeks of using Bidalgo, Smule saw their metrics significantly improve:

  • 33% increase in payers rate
  • 170% surge in install volume
  • CPA decreased by 15%


Snapchat is an important channel for Smule giving us access to a whole new audience that we cannot reach via other channels. Bidalgo gave Smule scalable activity on Snapchat with all ad set results in one place. Understanding the entirety of our performance from one point of access is a real game changer for Smule’s Snapchat marketing efforts. Leveraging Bidalgo’s expertise, we were able reallocate resources internally, allowing us to cast a wider net for performance optimization.
Eugenia Kovalenko, Director of Marketing, Smule

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