Product Madness Gains More Control on UAC with Bidalgo

The Mission

By introducing UAC to market, Google has levelled the playing field for all app advertisers, making it more challenging for savier app developers like Product Madness to gain more control of their campaigns for firm market positioning.

Needing a stronger grip over asset and campaign performance, leading social casino operator Product Madness teamed up with Bidalgo to get ‘under the hood’ of UAC for stronger performance across all Google channels for all its owned and operated apps.

The Strategy

By partnering with Bidalgo for Google UAC, Product Madness aimed to effectively manage creative assets, campaigns, and performance in order to scale and boost results. By using Bidalgo to exclusively manage campaign performance for Google UAC, Product Madness could eradicate all pain points and man hours dedicated to manually tracking creative performance allowing greater focus on scaling apps and boosting conversion to payers & installs.

By using Bidalgo, Product Madness could excel even further, taking back control of its Google UAC performance by leveraging:

  • advanced asset optimization dashboards
  • comprehensive bid/ budget performance management
  • simple ‘asset level’ ‘Opt In/ Opt Out’ creative selection & cloud integration
  • seamless bulk uploading of playables ads, images and videos & bypassing of YouTube upload process
  • multiple asset grouping; including type, creative dimensions, and more
  • cross campaign performance and a one-point-of-access for all multi-channel activity.

The Results

Within weeks of using Bidalgo for UAC, Product Madness was able to gain more control of their performance across Google channels and witness:

↑ 63% Conversion to Payers
↑ 60% Conversion to Installs
↓ 45% CPA

With Bidalgo in place, we were able to seamlessly manage our creative assets in bulk and had everything we needed for effective User Acquisition in one place to quickly optimize our campaign performance and drive stronger results.
Peter Laverick User Acquisition Director, Product Madness

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