Postmates Decreases Cost Per Unique Payer Using Bidalgo for UAC

The Mission

Postmates offers a revolutionary Urban Logistics app that connects customers with local couriers who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes. In order to scale, Postmates needs to effectively engage potential users across an array of channels including Google UAC to continuously grow a high-quality, paying user base.
With a desire to solidify its presence over Google properties, Postmates worked with Bidalgo to better leverage UAC, grow monthly paying users, attain stronger conversion rates and reduce cost per first payer.

The Strategy

By using Bidalgo’s platform and in house expertise, Postmates could create more targeted UAC campaigns and effectively manage creative assets for superior performance. Postmates could also benefit directly from Bidalgo’s early feature adoptions, and could successfully leverage a specific beta for in-app action value optimization, tROAS. This feature uses bidding capabilities to attain desired ROAS goals across UAC, reducing cost per first payer, growing paying user counts and attaining stronger conversion rates.

With tROAS bidding and other Bidalgo features in place, Postmates could tap into:

  • New-to-market products targeted towards lower-funnel conversion values
  • Comprehensive bid/budget management
  • Advanced asset level breakdown and asset optimization dashboards
  • Seamless bulk uploading of playables ads, images and videos & bypassing of YouTube upload processes

The Results

Within the first few months of using Bidalgo’s UAC solution, Postmates saw impressive results:

↑ 118% Growth in Monthly New Paying User Base
↑ 69% Conversion Rates
↓ 30% Cost per First Payer

Working with Bidalgo for Google UAC has allowed us to better understand and manage delivery across different Google properties. Since using the platform, we have seen growth in our monthly paying user base, and have witnessed an impressive drop in our cost per first payer – our most important KPI here at Postmates.
Vicente Zavarce User Acquisition Manager, Postmates

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