Playstudios Reaches 2X Scale while Increasing ROAS with Bidalgo AI
A Successful Combination of Performance and Efficiency

By shifting its ad campaign management to Bidalgo AI, Playstudios was able to more than double its advertising scale while realizing improvements in KPIs such as ROAS, CPA and Conversion to Payer. At the same time, it substantially reduced the amount of time its team spent on non-growth tasks when promoting its popular slot machine games.

The Challenge

Playstudio’s Pop Slots is one of the leading mobile slots games. For a game such as this, when advertising in such a crowded and competitive environment there is a clear challenge of scaling up user acquisition while meeting cost and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) goals. In addition, running so many campaigns in multiple channels places even more pressure on the user acquisition team, which spends most of its time simply maintaining campaigns. This included bidding, budgeting, analysis, and optimization of multiple campaigns across multiple channels.

On top of that, it has become increasingly difficult to A/B test large campaigns using massive datasets and to derive the insights and analyses needed to optimize campaigns effectively.

Managing campaigns manually was an inefficient and expensive use of the Playstudio teams’ valuable resources. Meeting the challenge of efficiently scaling ad campaigns while delivering high quality ad creative required a different approach.

The Solution

Playstudios started using Bidalgo’s platform to manage their mobile campaigns across multiple channels. It activated Bidalgo AI, an Artificial Intelligence automation agent that automates the entire media flow, including ad creation, real time bid management, dynamic budget allocation and ROAS optimization.

As Bidalgo AI delivered improved ROAS performance, Playstudios gradually shifted more and more budget to Bidalgo AI, which took over media management and enabled Playstudios’ UA managers to dedicate their valuable time to their growth and creative strategies.

All Bidalgo AI needed to start running was Playstudios’ minimal feedback such as their business targets, total campaign budget, and initial creative. From that point it took care of the rest with full ad creation and campaign management automation.

The Results

By simply setting their business targets and their budget cap, Playstudios was able to confidently hand over 50% of its campaign management to Bidalgo AI, producing 2X higher scale and remarkable results:

  • 2X scale
  • 11% higher ROAS
  • 10% lower CPA (Cost per Payer)
  • 26% higher Conversion to Payers 
Using Bidalgo AI solutions, we were able to more than double our daily spend while continuing to increase our ROAS and conversions. Bidalgo AI allowed us a new degree of efficiency we didn’t expect in such a short time.
Noga Laron Head of Marketing, Playstudios


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