PerBlue’s ‘Disney Heroes’ Doubles ROAS Leveraging Bidalgo for Facebook’s Minimum ROAS

The Mission

Independent Wisconsin based mobile games studio PerBlue worked with Bidalgo to scale user growth and strengthen Return on Ad Spend across Facebook for ‘Disney Heroes: Battle Mode’.

The Strategy

With millions of players already addicted to PerBlue’s ‘gaming app of the year’, PerBlue was seeking innovative ways to scale and increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Running their campaigns on Bidalgo’s platform, they worked with Bidalgo to leverage Facebook’s latest Minimum ROAS feature. With Bidalgo in play, PerBlue had access to fastest possible feature adoption and best practices on Minimum ROAS, and could leverage this tool immediately for strongest possible ROAS results.

The Results

Within weeks of using Minimum ROAS within the Bidalgo platform, PerBlue was able to go above and beyond ROAS targets, experiencing 93% higher ROAS compared to standard activity.

Leveraging Bidalgo’s fast adoption and knowledge of Minimum ROAS bidding has allowed us to diversify optimization and obtain impressive Return on Ad Spend in the process.
Andy Jennings User Acquisition Manager, PerBlue

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