Mistplay See Results Soar Using Bidalgo AI

The Mission

Rapidly growing mobile game network Mistplay was looking for a solution to scale its app across Facebook and help their modestly sized marketing team compete with teams 10x in size.

The Strategy

With an exciting app in place together with a bank of 1 million gamers already behind them, Mistplay needed a solid AI solution to compliment its team’s activity. By using Bidalgo AI, Mistplay could amplify performance, automatically uploading hundreds of ads and seamlessly optimize campaigns while receiving strategic insights.

The Results

Within weeks of using Bidalgo AI, Mistplay was able to go above and beyond ROAS targets, experiencing 109% higher ROAS.

I was very impressed with Bidalgo’s AI performance. The AI campaigns scaled nicely and exceeded our goals by a landslide. It really allowed us to scale beyond the size of our team, achieve better results and focus on larger marketing initiatives.
Eugene Joannides Co-Founder & COO, Mistplay

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