Messenger Ads’ Early Adoption Boosts N3TWORK’s ROAS
N3TWORK’s User Acquisition Challenges

N3TWORK, a mobile games company and developer of “Legendary: Game of Heroes” is constantly seeking innovative ways to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) as part of their user acquisition strategy. With the recent introduction of Facebook’s Messenger Ads for mobile app install, N3TWORK and Bidalgo’s media specialists saw the opportunity to tap new audiences with this new ad format.

Setting Up Messenger Ads for “Legendary”
With over 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook Messenger presents advertisers with a unique opportunity to engage directly with their customers. In July 2017, Facebook introduced Messenger Ads as the latest addition to their placement options. Subsequently, the ability to use Messenger ads was also available for mobile app installs.

Bidalgo’s media team, who partner with N3twork to manage UA for “Legendary: Game of Heroes”, adopted Messenger as part of its placement optimization immediately after it became available through the Facebook Ads API. Like previous top performing ads for the app, the creative for Messenger leveraged the game’s puzzle-adventure theme, and Bidalgo’s performance-driven creative insights. Meanwhile, our media buying experts used Bidalgo’s AI-powered automation to serve ads to the best performing audiences.

N3TWORK’s success with Mobile Newsfeed and Messenger Ads
During the first 30 days of Messenger Ads testing for N3TWORK’s “Legendary”, this placement yielded very strong results:

  • Install rates were 36% higher on Mobile Newsfeed and Messenger compared to all other placements
  • Conversion to Payers on Mobile Newsfeed and Messenger ads was 57% higher than those of all other ads
  • N3TWORK’s return on ad spend (D7 ROAS) was 73% higher on Mobile Newsfeed and Messenger than it was on all other placements
Facebook’s Messenger Ads provided us with a great opportunity to better engage with our target audience of high lifetime value users. Thanks to our partnership with Bidalgo and the early adoption of the new placement, we’ve been able to innovate on existing UA efforts and drive excellent results.
Nebojsa Radovic Director of Performance Marketing, N3TWORK

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