Launching a new social game with Huuuge Games
This is how a lightning-fast adoption of Facebook’s latest products —including worldwide targeting and app event optimisation (AEO) — helped us to promote awareness and installs of Huuuge’s biggest Social Casino game.
The Goal
Huuuge Games primarily wanted to increase awareness and drive installs of Huuuge Casino globally. Another key focus of the campaign was to make players aware of the game’s unique characteristics after they had installed.
A growing company in the social casino vertical, we massively scaled our activity using Bidalgo’s top-level professional team and their fast adoption of the newest Facebook features: worldwide targeting and app event optimisation.
Sebastian Szczygiel CMO, Huuuge Games
The Solution
While working closely with Huuuge Games team, we used several tactics to achieve their campaign objectives.

First, we developed a specific creative approach using A/B testing that we could easily customise for individual markets where we were launching the game. Second, we used worldwide targeting across Facebook and Instagram to enter new markets and drive awareness and installs of the game.

Finally, app event optimisation allowed us to reach high-quality players in these new markets, which allowed it to quickly achieve very strong results.

The Success
The campaign proved to be extremely successful . Thanks to the tactics outlined above, we achieved the following results between July–December 2016: 5X increase in monthly installs
  • 50% lower cost per install with worldwide targeting
  • 12% higher click-to-install rate
  • 22% increase in return on ad spend

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