Job Today reaches 5x new users using Bidalgo’s ad automation platform
The Challenge

Job Today has set itself an aggressive goal of finding job seekers a job in 24 hours. This requires a steady flow of new employers who post job listings on their service. Job Today uses marketing campaigns to reach high quality employers at scale in order to grow its business. They use channels such as mobile ad networks, and in-app ads.

However, at one point, Job Today found it challenging to scale their user acquisition on Facebook and other channels while maintaining their CPA goals in certain target markets. they didn’t want to waste marketing budget by trial and error and needed a proven system to scale their user base using a 1 person team.

The Strategy

After considering various options, Job Today decided to use Bidalgo’s ad automation platform, and leverage the expertise of the Bidalgo team.

Using the Bidalgo’s platform, Job Today was able to mass upload ads and A/B test them against each other. Using Creative AI, Bidalgo’s creative optimization tools, Bidalgo’s experts implemented a technique called ‘Creative Evolution’ to optimize the performance of Job Today’s video ads. The Bidalgo team suggested that Job Today re-use these ads on new users for maximum results.

Bidalgo’s advanced platform and professional consultancy helps us maximize our results, save time and grow our business.

Todor Madzharov Head of Marketing, Job Today
The Results

Using Bidalgo, Job Today was able to reduce cost per acquisition for their Facebook campaigns by 80%. This helped them reach 5x more users with the same marketing budget as before. On top of that, Job Today learnt how their marketing and design teams can better work together to improve campaign performance.

  • 5x growth in installs
  • 80% lower CPA


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