Ilyon Doubles Their ROAS Target on Google with Bidalgo AI

The Challenge

Even the most effective user acquisition strategy, with high reliance on data analysis, consists of what are essentially tests. Streamlining these – increasing allocation to what works while getting rid of what doesn’t – is a difficult and time-consuming process.

The Strategy

Ilyon were able to significantly ramp their Google App Campaigns activity while shooting past initial ROAS targets by basing their activity on Bidalgo’s advanced Artificial Intelligence solution.

The Bidalgo AI leveraged historical data both from Bubble Shooter Classic Match and the industry at large, as well as creative analysis, to conduct cost-efficient tests. These gave Bidalgo AI the ability to steer Ilyon’s activity towards constant optimization. The unprecedented level of automation provided by Bidalgo AI makes all of this possible with minimal human effort.

The Outcome: Better ROAS, larger spend

Within the first month, Bidalgo AI provided 262% of the target day 7 ROAS, while utilizing the allocated budget.
Recently, the budget was tripled and the AI manages to spend it while providing 149% of target day 7 ROAS.

Working with Bidalgo allowed us to get better ROAS while increasing our activity in a streamlined and predictable way. We’ve already seen the stellar performance of Bidalgo AI on other channels, and are happy to see the same great results for our Google App Campaigns activity.
Gabi Castellan Head of User Acquisition, Ilyon
Using Bidalgo AI is easy, and the results are impressive. It’s a hands-off experience, which enriches Google’s own AI to provide truly impressive increases in scale and ROAS.
Reut Leibel User Acquisition Manager, Ilyon

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