Flysher Attains Strong ROAS Using Bidalgo for Facebook Playable Ads

The Mission

After successfully scaling hit app ‘Rock N ‘Cash Casino Slots’, Korean based game developer Flysher continued efforts with Bidalgo to step into the world of Facebook playable ads after recent introduction to market of this exciting new format.

As ‘Rock N ‘Cash Casino Slots’ delivers a true vegas ‘slots’ experience to players worldwide, it depends on higher quality and dedicated users to execute in app purchases at scale. With this in mind, Flysher was keen to quickly move forward with playable ads as they have the potential to attain stronger LTV and create a more engaged audience with stronger intent for increased longer term ROAS (return on ad spend).

With Bidalgo in play for Facebook playable ads, Flysher could tap into advanced production capabilities featuring both AI and in-house expertise to load playable ads with winning creative assets and generate higher quality users needed for ‘Rock N ‘Cash Casino Slots’.

The Strategy

Flysher used Bidalgo’s to run Facebook split tests to understand the demand for this latest ad format and the effectiveness of it’s lead-in video. Flysher could then continue to leverage Bidalgo’s in house expertise to create an initial playable ad loaded with winning creative assets for superior performance that was in line with brand language and Flysher core values. Bidalgo created an orientation-responsive playable ad to distribute across Facebook.

Using Bidalgo for Facebook playable ads, Flysher could:

  • Access in house expertise to master the creative evolution of successful playable ads for superior campaign level management
  • Use creative hacking for comprehensive A/B testing
  • Gain a full understanding of successful creatives; generating more winning playable ads, at scale, for stronger results
  • Leverage Bidalgo’s multi channel ‘playable’ expertise to implement strong best practices
  • Implement AI technology to generate quick and scaled creative production

The Outcome

Within weeks of adapting Bidalgo for Facebook playable ads, ‘Rock N ‘Cash Casino Slots’ reached out to new audiences and experienced impressive results compared to other ad formats:

88% ↑ ROAS D7
104% ↑ ARPPU D7
21% ↓ CPM

Our continued work with Bidalgo for Facebook playable ads showed success for ‘Rock N ‘Cash Casino Slots’. Using Bidalgo expertise and technology we were able to increase ROAS by 88% and reach out to new, more engaged audiences.
Pilljoo Lee CEO, Flysher

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