Finding high-value players for D3 Go!

We ran mobile app install ads across Facebook’s wide variety of products and services, achieving an 84% return on ad spend within the first 30 days.

The Goal

D3 Go! wanted to find and encourage people—particularly active, high-value gamers—to download the Magic: The Gathering — Puzzle Quest game.

The Solution

D3 Go! partnered with marketing agency GameChangerSF, to run mobile app ads for its game. Given GameChangerSF’s longstanding partnership with Bidalgo, the agency used our optimization platform to A/B test significant amounts of creative, targeting, bidding methods and other elements of campaigns. Most importantly, GameChangerSF started running ads across Facebook’s family of apps and services, including Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, and A/B testing them against single-platform campaigns.

The testing showed that running across Facebook’s family of apps and services yielded the best results. With 70 million impressions on Facebook News Feed, Instagram and Audience Network combined, the multi-platform campaign outpaced all the others.

To reach the right people, GameChangerSF used a combination of highly focused targeting and broader demographic targeting. This strategy not only promoted the Puzzle Quest app to a wide audience, but also encouraged downloads by people most likely to engage in the paid portions of the game.

The team targeted ads to people who were already fans of the game, generating high click-through and conversion rates, as well as a broad audience of males aged 18-65 with interests in role-playing, puzzle games and mobile games.

The Success
With the help of GameChangerSF and Bidalgo’s advanced platform, D3 Go! managed to acquire more valuable downloads of their Magic: The Gathering — Puzzle Quest game by running across multiple placements at once. The campaign, which ran from January–March 2016, achieved:
  • 84% return on ad spend in the first 30 days
  • 15X higher return on ad spend compared to single-platform campaigns
Facebook has always been one of our top advertising channels for both revenue and scale. With the introduction of additional placements like Instagram and Audience Network, we have expanded our efforts on Facebook. The multi-platform placement option has given us a great way to optimize our spend to reach the right audience for the best return..
Brian Etheridge Senior Director of Digital Operations, D3 Go!

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