Pixelberry and Bidalgo Tap Into Facebook Playable Ad Success

The Mission

After having experienced significant success using Bidalgo across multiple channels, Pixelberry Studios continued their growing relationship with Bidalgo to leverage creative hacking and advanced playable production capabilities for Facebook’s exciting new ad type. With Bidalgo in play for Facebook playable ads, Pixelberry could generate higher quality users, attain increased engagement and experience stronger conversion to payers for top rated app ‘Choices: Stories You Play’.

Pixelberry identified early-on the power of playable ads for this app genre, having worked already with Bidalgo distributing HTML5 ads across Google properties. Pixelberry aimed to use this ad type to immerse users in the game prior to download to create more engaged audiences with stronger intent for increased ROAS (return on ad spend) and conversion to payers.

The Strategy

Pixelberry applied Bidalgo’s multi-channel playable ad expertise to scale activity across Facebook. Using Bidalgo, Pixelberry Studios could adhere to playable best practices, access creative hacking for comprehensive A/B testing and gain a full understanding of successful creatives; generating more winning playable ads, at scale, for stronger results.

By leveraging Bidalgo’s technology, Pixelberry was able to:

  • Use advanced creative hacking to A/B test significantly stronger assets across Facebook and Google
  • Leverage Bidalgo’s multi channel ‘playable’ expertise to implement strong best practices
  • Implement AI technology to generate quick and scaled creative production

The Outcome

Within weeks of using Bidalgo for Facebook playable ads, ‘Choices: Stories you play’ experienced impressive results compared to other ad formats:

40% ↑ Conversion to payers
11% ↓ Cost Per Action
8.5% ↑ ROAS D7

We were excited to continue working with Bidalgo to reach into the world of Facebook playable ads. Using Bidalgo’s technology, creative expertise and industry insights we were able to produce and deploy Facebook playable ads in considerably less time than standard and expose ‘Choices’ to a wider audience for strong results.
Filippo De Rose Head of Marketing and Ad Monetization, Pixelberry Studios

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