Playdog Increases Return on Ad Spend by Teaming Up with Bidalgo

The Mission

Leading developer of social games Playdog worked with Bidalgo with an aim to scale user growth and increase return on ad spend for  ‘Vegas Live Slots’ app.

The Strategy

Always keen to explore tools for value optimization, Playdog sought to leverage Bidalgo expertise to scale  Facebook’s latest Minimum ROAS feature – which was created to help app advertisers boost return on ad spend (ROAS) and get the highest value per budget. With Bidalgo expertise and technology in place, Playdog could use this latest tool with best input possible for superior results.

The Results

After having already witnessed successful results Using Bidalgo, including significantly lower CPI,  Playdog saw a 31.7% uplift in D7 ROAS using Minimum ROAS using Bidalgo.

Working with Bidalgo as a fast adopter of Minimum ROAS bidding has allowed us to efficiently diversify optimization.  We have seen impressive results in one of our most competitive segments, witnessing a ROAS D7 surge of 31.7% in a challenging market. 
Haechang Yoon General Manager, Playdog

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