Pixelberry Studios Develops Winning Ad Creative Using Bidalgo’s Creative AI Technology

The Mission

Pixelberry Studios is a gaming studio in Mountain View, California that develops socially-minded games for young adults. In its ‘Choices: Stories You Play’ game, players follow a choice-driven narrative where they can fall in love, solve crimes or embark on fantasy adventures. The game’s success depended on reaching a mass amount of quality users most likely to pay for additional features. It was clear that ad creative was going to be key in reaching quality users at scale.

The Strategy

To reach high-value users, Bidalgo tested creatives on a variety of media channels, placements and ad types in a unique way. The idea was to engage users at specific points in their experience to jump-start the decision making process. Players could immerse themselves in ad units such as playable ads on Facebook and Google, video, carousel and canvas ads, and more to encourage installs and in-app purchases.

Once the initial ad creatives were launched, Bidalgo’s Creative AI engine helped Pixelberry identify which ad creatives worked best and why without testing a seemingly endless amount of ads and wasting precious resources. It continuously analyzed every single ad component and automatically generated a deep-dive analysis, showing a complete blueprint of Choices’ creative assets – what’s working, what’s not and how all ad components measured up in the industry, alongside valuable insights for immediate fixes.

Using image and video recognition technology Creative AI analyzed countless variables: including image, video, color, contrast & concepts; it identified winning elements – and suggested those that needed replacement for optimum results.

After examining Pixelberry’s ad components for ‘Choices’ – Bidalgo’s AI technology found that ads featuring specific storylines within the game exposing user-driven decision making drove higher engagement and conversion. For example, ads that enabled players to make a choice in helping someone stand up directly to a bully, or making a seemingly real-life romantic choice (“Which guy should I date?”) drove superior performance.

The below example showcases how Creative AI used machine learning together with image and video recognition to break down the Creative DNA for Choices, taking actions to create the best-performing creative.

Scaling results, scaling the team: Bidalgo’s AI technology helped Pixelberry run more targeted ads using a small team by intelligently and automatically positioning ads across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat) to proactively seek ideal users. Using AI, Pixelberry managed to compete with companies with creative and marketing teams 20-50 times larger.

Creative AI constantly and automatically generated new ads using the best creatives available in the system. However, in order to achieve highest campaign performance, and to prevent ‘creative exhaustion’, Bidalgo’s in house design team uploaded new creatives based on Creative AI’s insights . Using this technology, the designers had access to a vital creative brief with key insights into which elements drove performance, including which images, colors and general concepts are most effective, with specific recommendations on how to design the next generation of campaign creative for maximum results.

The Results

Bidalgo’s Creative AI helped Pixelberry crack the DNA of their ad creative and produce the next generation of high-performing creative. This strategy led to massive growth for Choices:

↑ 42 times more installs
↑ 185% increase in ROAS
↓78% lower Cost Per Action.
Top 10 grossing app in the US

Using Bidalgo Creative AI has allowed us to not only scale to millions of users with strong return on ad spend, but also understand what type of additional game content to produce and who our target audience is on a deeper level. Bidalgo was one of our key partners in breaking into the top 10 grossing apps.
Filippo De Rose Head of Marketing and Ad Monetization, Pixelberry Studios

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