Cookapps Achieves Winning Ads Using Bidalgo’s Creative AI

The Mission

Korea based developer Cookapps has established itself as a leading global game developer in the social game market. The success of its latest game ‘Toy Party’ is reliant on reaching mass amounts of targeted users and engaging audiences to ensure in app purchases, so Cookapps worked with Bidalgo to leverage creative assets to reach quality users at scale.

The Strategy

After having successfully worked with Bidalgo on puzzle game ‘Sweet Road’, Cookapps needed similar engaging campaigns to bring forward users and purchases for ‘Toy Party’. The idea was to use Bidalgo’s Creative AI to translate successful core elements into Cookapps latest offering to encourage similar, strong download behavior together with in app actions.

Cookapps used Creative AI’s image and video recognition technology to assess core successful variables in its ‘Sweet Road’ app and could apply them to establish a winning creative campaign direction for ‘Toy Party’. After testing these elements based on AI insights, Cookapps witnessed an initial successful uplift in ROAS, and could then employ Creative AI more rigorously to create a more in depth strategy, drilling down into all ad components to generate stronger winning ads in volume, based on strongest possible image, video, color, contrast & concepts.

Establishing a complete blueprint of all creative assets, Cookapps could use Creative AI to take a deep dive analysis into all ad components to better understand whats working, whats not and what insights to take to the next batch of creative production…without testing an enormous amount of ads wasting precious resources. They could quickly establish elements such as turtles and spaceships as helping drive higher engagement, and in-ad hand movements helping drive higher conversion. Cookapps could ‘run’ with these insights and implement these elements for stronger results.

Cookapps initially used Creative AI to successfully identify winning creatives elements including characters and colors from one game to translate into another.

In addition to identifying strongest possible creatives for best possible performance, Bidalgo’s AI algorithms could identify high quality creative assets not being delivered to their full potential and could quickly assess industry best practices for ad types and placements.

With Creative AI in play, Cookapps could constantly and automatically refresh winning ads based on available creative assets in the system, yet to go the extra mile and to prevent ad exhaustion, Bidalgo’s in house design team were on hand to upload new assets based on Creative AI insights using the platforms creative brief which delivered key insights into which elements, images, colors and concepts drove performance and also revealed specific recommendations on how to generate the next iteration of winning campaign creatives for highest results.

The Results

Bidalgo’s Creative AI allowed Cookapps to focus on highest performing creative development for its hit app ‘Toy Party’. In addition to establishing a successful DNA for ad creatives, Bidalgo’s strategy led to significant growth for Cookapps with some impressive results:

ROAS D7 ↑ 40%
ARPPU ↑ 60%
Conversion to Payers ↑ 24%

Bidalgo’s Creative AI allowed us to eliminate the guesswork and iterations involved in developing ad creatives and focus more on results. Using this technology Cookapps was able to produce ad creatives that delivered higher ROAS across multiple audiences.
Boram Ku Director of Marketing and Ad Monetization, Cookapps

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