Booksy Improves its Registration Rate while Reducing CPR by 34% Using Bidalgo AI
The Challenge

Booksy’s main challenge was getting people to use its app to schedule appointments. While the company managed to get users to install its app, these users didn’t necessarily register or book appointments through the app. Booksy was looking for a platform and service to help target high-quality users that engage with the app.

The Solution – AI Automation and Creative Optimization

Booksy started using Bidalgo’s platform to manage its mobile campaigns. The company activated Bidalgo AI – an Artificial Intelligence automation agent that automates the entire media flow, including ad creation, real-time bid management, dynamic budget allocation, and cost optimization.

With Bidalgo AI, Booksy managed to significantly improve user quality, with conversion-to-registration rates and bookings improving dramatically. Working with Bidalgo AI was very easy – the team inputted into the platform minimal feedback such as their business targets, total campaign budget, and initial creative. From there, Bidalgo AI took care of the rest, providing full campaign management automation and ad creation.

The increased efficiency and time saved allowed Booksy’s user acquisition team to focus on their marketing strategy, and especially on their creative strategy. With the help of Bidalgo’s creative studio, they cracked the creative DNA of their video ads. Bidalgo used its creative AI technology to break down the winning elements of Booksy’s creative. Based on Creative AI DNA analysis, Bidalgo’s in-house studio created a new high-performing video that served as a template for the next generation of videos created by Booksy’s creative studio. These videos significantly improved the app conversion to deep funnel actions such as scheduling appointments.

Using Bidalgo AI has allowed us to dramatically improve our conversions and lower our costs. We have more time to focus on our marketing strategy and creative strategy. With the help of Bidalgo we managed to improve our creative performance significantly.
Grzegorz Garczyński Head of Digital Marketing, Booksy
The Results

Using Bidalgo AI and creative optimization solutions, Booksy was able to shift some of its campaign management over to Bidalgo AI and focus on its next generation, high-performing creatives. This strategy led to a significant growth in Booksy’s most important measures:

  • 40% higher conversion to bookings
  • 34% lower CPR (Cost per Registration)
  • 40% lower CPA (Cost per Action)


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