Bidalgo Wins Tier 2 Markets for Playgem Social Backgammon
About Bidalgo

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The Client

Playgem’s backgammon application.

The Goal

Bidalgo successfully managed Playgem’s campaign in tier 1 markets since its launch. Building on this past success, Bidalgo was now challenged to find new growth engines to expand activity, while keeping a low CPI and high user quality. The goas was to conquer highly monetizing tier 2 countries.

Bidalgo proved to be a great a great partner in promoting our new Wizard of Oz slots game, and helping Zynga stay in the forefront of video mobile ad technology on Facebook. I can”t say enough about Bidalgo’s superb teamwork and first-class support. Working with Bidalgo has been an outstanding experience, from start to finish.
Daniel Mester Co-Founder, Playgem
The Strategy

Along with our powerful wide-scale A/B testing capabilities and professional experience, Bidalgo implemented the following plan to help Playgem reach an expanded base of new users for their backgammon application: Extensive Research – To help Playgem better understand audience behavior, culture, language and interests. Advanced Targeting Techniques – With special likes & interests and behavior categories, designed to identify and discover relevant users. Localized Creatives – Adapted and directed to specific targeted audiences.

The Results
  • 10% Decrease in CPI
  • 5x Increase in ROAS
  • 6x Increase in ARPPU

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