Bidalgo & Nordeus Wins with the New Mobile App Carousel Ads
The client

Nordeus, owners of the world’s #1 Facebook sports application ‘Top Eleven Football Manager’, enlisted Bidalgo’s help to start using this feature in their Facebook UA campaigns…and the payoff was swift.

The Goal

Create high user engagment and reach great performance results with new and unique facebook ad tool

The Strategy

Utilizing our long-established ability to quickly adopt and implement new Facebook features, and our proprietary technology solution, Bidalgo has done it again with the the new mobile app ads in the carousel format. The carousel format was specifically designed to better showcase apps such as Football Manager, by displaying up to five images with direct links. With this format, Nordeus was able to show a variety of game screens, create initial promo offers, and more. The carousel format ultimately helped Nordeus increase engagement, capture their users’ attention, and convert quickly and efficiently to reach amazing results at scale

Being number 1 is our ultimate goal. That’s why we are thrilled to be working with our Marketing partner, Bidalgo, in using the new mobile app carousel ad feature just after its launch. This feature enables us to be at the top of our game, and use an exciting new tool to generate a massive improvement in delivery.
Marko Radnojic User Acquisition Manager, Noredues
The Results
  • 77% increase in CTR’s
  • 37% decrease in CPI

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