Bidalgo Hits New Highs for GetStocks
The Challenge

Bidalgo already successfully manages Facebook campaigns for GetStocks, and the two have worked hard to create outstanding Facebook performance campaigns together. Following the launch of Instagram community advertising, and as one of the initial members of the Instagram Partner Program, Bidalgo offered GetStocks the ability to begin running their campaigns using Instagram, and help bring in new quality users on a large scale. This, while still meeting ROAS targets for GetStocks, and creating high user engagement in new and interesting ways.


The Strategy

Bidalgo ran GetStocks’ Instagram community campaigns with relevant creative ads showing young people in an urban environment, with a strong call to action. Throughout the campaign, Bidalgo optimized the ads, and made sure they were reaching the right audience in the right state of mind. For GetStocks, this meant targeting adventurous, ambitious, and motivated young people.

GetStock is a young and innovative startup in the field of online stock investing, and we’re always looking for new and effective ways to connect with and engage our audience. Following the launch of Instagram advertising options, we valued Bidalgo’s efforts to reach out to us and enable us to be the first to start publishing there. In the end, our campaign reached amazing results – the likes of which we’ve never seen before. And Bidalgo’s technology and professionalism are what made it all possible.
Asaf Rosengarten Head of Media, GetStocks
The Results
  • 60% decrease in CPI
  • 2X increase in FTD rate
  • 2X increase in conversion rate

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