Attracting high-value mobile gamers for Pixelberry Studios

This is how we optimized our ads for mobile app purchases to encourage people around the world to download and play Pixelberry’s Choices game, resulting in a 2.2X increase in the rate of acquired payers.

The Goal

Pixelberry Studios wanted to increase downloads of Choices among players around the world, particularly among people most likely to pay for additional features.

Bidalgo has been our main partner is helping us improve our app into the top 100 grossing apps.
Oliver Miao CEO, Pixelberry Studios


The Solution
Bidalgo developed for Pixelberry Studios a series of mobile app install ads to encourage downloads of its game. The team also wanted to ensure it reached people most likely to enjoy the pay-to-play features of its free app, so it also used mobile app engagement ads.
Pixelberry Studios optimized its ads for certain app events, including installs and purchases. Optimizing for app events ensures the ad is automatically targeted to the people most likely to take that action; for Pixelberry Studios, that was installing the Choices game and using the pay-to-play features within it.
The Success
Our global campaign for Pixelberry Studios, which ran December 2016–January 2017, enticed many players to download the app and pay for its advanced features. The campaign also achieved:
  • 2.2X increase in rate of acquiring payers with app event optimization (compared to traditional mobile app install ads)
  • 27% increase in return on ad spend with international targeting (compared to traditional single-country campaigns)
  • 30% decrease in cost per paying player with international targeting (compared to traditional single-country campaigns)




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