Product Madness Triples Its Scale on Apple Search Ads with Bidalgo

Targeting high-value users with Apple Search Ads

A year ago, Apple Search Ads became available to the public. Since its launch, the app store ads’ solution has emerged as a go-to channel for user acquisition managers. With over 2.2M apps on the App Store, Apple Search Ads is the ideal channel to target high-value users. In fact, over 65% of downloads come directly from a search on the App Store.

As part of their user acquisition efforts for Heart of Vegas and their new hit title, Cashman Casino, Product Madness immediately adopted Apple Search Ads. It opened up a new channel to reach users that are already showing intent by searching for similar apps on the App Store.

Keyword-level ROAS optimization and bulk operations

Already using Bidalgo’s ad automation platform to run their Facebook and Instagram campaigns, Product Madness wanted to maximize the potential of Bidalgo’s SaaS solution for Apple Search Ads as well. This allowed the data savvy user acquisition team to optimize their campaigns by leveraging a full funnel views in Bidalgo’s platform: from impression to their AppsFlyer’s cohorted revenue per keyword.

Bidalgo’s advanced keyword mining tool allowed Product Madness to quickly identify top performing keywords and immediately add them to all relevant campaigns while excluding non-performing keywords. Product Madness used these insights to optimize their search campaigns in real-time

Product Madness was also able to leverage Bidalgo’s bulk operations and ad creation to maximize time efficiency, greatly scaling their campaigns. By being able to launch and optimize all their campaigns in various countries and different segments with a few clicks, Product Madness was able to shift their efforts away from maintenance tasks to focus on strategic growth efforts with the platform.



  • 3X scale on Apple Search Ads with Bidalgo
  • 40% higher 3D ROAS than other channels
  • 12X CTR and 2X CR than other channels
Apple Search Ads has been one of our best sources of new traffic because these users are already showing intent by searching within the App Store. With bulk operations and cohorted revenue broken out by keyword, Bidalgo has allowed us to quickly A/B test new keywords and scale up our most profitable keywords. Additionally, we find tremendous value being able to optimize our performance within one platform so we can quickly shift budgets and cross-pollinate learnings across channels.
Francesca Noli VP of Marketing, Product Madness

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