Product Update: Snapchat Story Ads with App Install Objectives Come to Bidalgo

By Team Bidalgo

Following implementation of auto bidding, lifestyle categories, and optimizing for in-app conversions, Snapchat is continuing to amplify app advertiser performance with added functionality to its Story Ads, allowing advertisers to now gear ads towards app install objectives. This is an important update for Snapchat, as they move beyond engagement-focused brand objectives and head towards optimizing story ads for users who are most likely to install.

Using this latest feature within the Bidalgo platform, users can more efficiently target quality installs and significantly amplify ad creative optimization. Uploading Snapchat ads via the Bidalgo platform allows for easy testing of iterations and changes in large uploads. Users can take a top performing ad and quickly make small changes and relaunch without having to start from scratch for optimized performance.

Having supported this feature from it’s original release, Bidalgo has seen impressive results across both iOS and Android. For iOS alone, compared to using previous story ad conversion specs, we have seen ROAS D7 increase by 55% , CPA decrease by 97%, and CPI drop by 87%

Published on February 11, 2019
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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