Product Update: Google’s latest UX Update Allows Bidalgo Users Even More Control Over UAC Performance!

Google recently unlocked the ability to see all ad event result data regardless of optimization goal. Until recently, app advertisers could only see results from the one event they were optimizing towards, and all yielded data depended on the single optimization goal of that specific campaign.

This latest update by Google allows app advertisers to see multiple funnel event data, which allows Bidalgo users to achieve even more powerful results. Bidalgo, a premier Google partner, receives and leverages this new level of data via its direct API integration to amplify its platform for UAC in a variety of ways:

Bidalgo’s creative dashboard now contains more robust event insights.

Bidalgo UAC dashboard

Campaign data visualization now supports more filtering options. Bidalgo’s platform now allows an even stronger comparison of assets by events.

Bidalgo platform UAC assets

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