Bidalgo Offers the Ultimate Mix That Can’t Be Beat: Hybrid UA Solution

By Shani Weinstein

At Bidalgo, our clients’ satisfaction is always our #1 priority. We offer both fully managed and self-service solutions – a unique hybrid approach that allows clients to grow with us – starting by using our services to run their campaigns until they take full control and use our SaaS platform on their own.

With our dedicated ‘Bidalgo Academy’ training program, extensive support, vast knowledge, and unique algorithm solution, we allow our clients to start their activity on the right track, dramatically scale their applications and user base, and take their products to the next level.

Here is what our clients had to say:

“Bidalgo has provided an innovative platform and unique solution for Product Madness. I have been highly impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness, which made
the transition to their SaaS platform easy. I would highly recommend Bidalgo and their SaaS platform.” – Mark Beck, VP Finance, Product Madness

“I’m very impressed by what Bidalgo can do. Everyone we worked with – from their account managers to their support team – has provided top-level customer service for Billguard. Their comprehensive hybrid solution was exactly what we needed to hit our spend targets and help us reach the performance results we were looking for”. – Mick Weinstein, VP Marketing, Billguard

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Published on November 5, 2015
Written by
Shani Weinstein

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