Bidalgo Named a Snapchat Partner

By Ran Milo

SAN FRANCISCO — June 13, 2017 — Bidalgo (, a leading provider of ad automation software and services for app marketers, today announced it has been named a Snapchat Licensed Ads Partner. The move promotes Bidalgo’s leadership position as a top Artificial Intelligence platform for app marketers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and now Snapchat. Advertisers can now use Bidalgo’s Artificial Intelligence-based SaaS platform and expert consulting services to optimize their Snapchat advertising campaigns as part of a multi-channel program.

“Snapchat has become one of the most significant channels in the world for app install ads,” said Peli Beeri, Bidalgo CEO. “Our clients are experiencing cost-effective Cost Per Install rates on Snapchat with strong Day-3 and Day-7 Return On Ad Spend. We are thrilled to be named Snapchat Partner so that we can continue to help app marketers make the best use of this growing and important platform.”

Bidalgo is one of five companies to be included as a Licensed Ad Partner, for its SaaS platform that gives advertisers the tools they need to conduct app marketing in-house. Bidalgo is also offering campaign strategy, buying and management services to help advertisers maximize their performance of Snapchat advertising.

Bidalgo offers fully managed services as well as a self-service platform to help marketers maximize the performance of app install campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and other platforms. Bidalgo’s end-to-end media buying algorithms use Artificial Intelligence to automate and optimize all aspects of the app marketing process, from ad creation and bidding to budget allocation and ROAS optimization. Advertisers can also rely on Bidalgo’s experienced team of performance marketers, creative designers, media buyers and account managers for help navigating today’s largest and most important ad channels and formats.

“Snapchat is a platform where creative plays a hugely important role in ad campaigns, so it’s crucial that advertisers take a very methodical approach to designing, uploading, testing and optimizing their creative assets,” said Niv Yemini, co-founder and CTO of Bidalgo. “Bidalgo uses Artificial Intelligence to develop engaging creative that sustains long term growth on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms, and we are honored to bring our technology and services to Snapchat as well.”

Snapchat currently claims more than 300 million monthly active users, more than half of which use the app every day. It is also one of the fastest growing apps in the world: eMarketer predicts that the number of US Snapchat users will grow from approximately 67 million in 2017 to more than 85

Published on June 14, 2017
Written by
Ran Milo

VP Marketing @ Bidalgo.

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