Bidalgo Among the 20 Fastest Growing Israeli Tech Companies. Here’s Why

By Team Bidalgo

This isn’t just a bragging post. Yes, we’re delighted to be recognized by Deloitte as one of the 20 fastest-growing technology companies in Israel, and among the top 200 in EMEA fast 500. That said, Deloitte’s recognition went to an entity named “Bidalgo,” whereas we want to talk a bit about the people behind the brand and the work they do.

Bidalgo is more global than ever before. In just the past year, our team grew to over 150 people who work around the world. San Francisco, New York, London, Ramat Gan, Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo now have Bidalgo offices. This expansion doesn’t just contribute to our financial growth, but our diversity as well.

Multinational teams, with people from vastly different backgrounds, can incorporate perspectives and life experiences that aren’t a part of the equation in homogeneous environments. And this diversity makes us better in terms of how we approach our tasks. It also makes us better at understanding what our customers need. It challenges us, and it makes us stronger.

Ever since Bidalgo was launched nine years ago, it’s always been about employing the best people and keeping them happy. But how? For us, the answer was about a pleasant working environment and opportunities for meaningful growth. The fact we’ve grown at such a rapid pace without deviating from this approach is the true testament to our success.

So yes, thank you Deloitte, but more importantly – thank you to everyone who had worked at Bidalgo over the years, and to our amazing current team.

Published on September 26, 2019
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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