Introducing the Bidalgo Accelerator Program

By Team Bidalgo

Let’s admit it: the complexity of mobile app marketing in 2019 is off the charts. It seems like every week there’s a new ad format, guidelines change, or even an entirely new channel to advertise through. And that’s before we get to the competition – more and more brands, products and services are vying for the same eyeballs and the same (ever-shrinking) attention spans.

Everyone but the most prominent industry players with the largest budgets, who can bulldoze their path to success, is navigating a treacherous minefield – pouring millions of dollars every month into user acquisition, without seeing immediate results or returns. Mistakes are often costly, and the playfield is growing larger by the day.

Finding the right user, at the right moment to drive the highest value, is truly like finding a needle in a haystack, while someone keeps throwing more hay into it and a large mixer keeps blending everything. You can do it, but you need to analyze vast amounts of data, user journeys, and touch points – which is far from being easy or intuitive.

Enter the Bidalgo Accelerator

We’re here to help small and medium app developers compete with industry giants, by giving them a competitive advantage. Over 12 weeks, our accelerator program will address all the significant user acquisition challenges faced by participants and craft the best solutions for scaling their apps across multiple channels and formats.

Growth or Creative?

We understand that companies have different needs and face different challenges in their UA workflows. Our two programs are designed to help every participant get the best tools for the problems they’re solving.

Growth Accelerator is for apps with little to no internal media buying personnel, offering end-to-end media strategy and mentorship, campaign management, creative support, and platform training. App advertisers can leverage Bidalgo’s AI technology and in-house growth expertise to grow their mobile app business across Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and other major channels.

Creative Accelerator is for businesses which have an in-house mobile user acquisition team. It provides them with expert creative services assistance and a powerful self-serve platform for scale. By going through the Creative Accelerator, app advertisers can leverage both Bidalgo’s AI-powered platform and full-service creative production expertise.


How It Works

In the Bidalgo Accelerator, small to mid-size companies will have access to everything they need to propel the performance of their apps, including:

  • Activation and training on Bidalgo’s AI-powered marketing automation platform.
  • Complete campaign, measurement, and creative Audit
  • Growth strategy, media plan, and market analysis
  • Creative production by Bidalgo’s design team
  • Creative workshop to provide your design team with the right tools and best practices
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated performance manager

Here’s what the first 12 weeks of the growth accelerator will look like:

Click image to enlarge

“The launch of the Accelerator program is both an exciting and important move for Bidalgo,” said CRO Peleg Israeli. “We have meticulously designed and packaged the program in line with the hundreds of app partners we have seen flourish with the support of the Bidalgo platform, and we are excited to leverage our expertise for the benefit of small to mid-size apps looking for the strongest technological solution and services to accelerate their growth.”


Published on May 15, 2019
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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