The first artificial intelligence platform to fully automate ROAS optimization and ad creation.

Scale User Acquisition with Bidalgo AI 

You provide minimal input: your business targets, creative and available audience.

Bidalgo AI takes care of the rest with full automation of campaign management and ad creation.

How does Bidalgo AI work?

Powerful machine learning technology makes real-time optimization decisions 24/7.

You focus on higher-level strategy while Bidalgo AI keeps optimizing your ROAS.

of campaigns run

with Bidalgo AI


Advanced marketers who use Bidalgo AI have seen

Improve UA results faster and smarter


less time spent 

on manual work



in CPI




Elizaveta Kostyukhina

Lead User Acquisition Manager

Performance marketers using Bidalgo AI

"We have seen a notable uptick in campaign performance since testing out Bidalgo AI.

It was able to increase our 7-Day ROAS by 15% in just 4 weeks. 

But more importantly, it has freed up a lot of our UA team’s time and energy."

"The most dreadful part of my job is the manual work involved with uploading new ads, testing new creatives, etc. 

If you've been in UA for a while, you know that your time is really best spent doing other things. 

That's why I use Bidalgo that takes care of the manual work more quickly and efficiently, while I focus on strategic analysis."


Patrick Witham

Director of User Acquisition

Your headline

Thomas Hopkins

User Acquisition Manager

"Since I started working with Bidalgo, I have spent a lot less time on mundane, day-to-day tasks like reporting and just general campaign creation.

Our UA has gone through the roof: the ROI looks really good. 

Now, all of our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest traffic goes through Bidalgo."


"Bidalgo's algorithm is really important for us to figure out the advantageous ways we can bid to maximize our long term value for our users from Facebook.

We're getting really strong results, in a way that we're giving Bidalgo more and more of our budget."

Steve Palley

Data & Analytics Lead

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