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“Bidalgo’s Creative Center helps us examine our creative on a broad multi-channel level and drill down to segment the overall view. The Creative Center and AI is a natural combination as the AI does a great job of testing and feeding information to the Creative Center. The resulting insights are extremely easy to consume and share.”

Taylor Lundgren, User Acquisition Manager, Ludia Ludia

“Since we started using Bidalgo’s platform, we have seen growth in our monthly paying user base, and have witnessed an impressive drop in our cost per first payer – our most important KPI here at Postmates.”

Vicente Zavarce, Director of User Acquisition, Postmates Postmates

“I had some expectations going into a partnership with an marketing partner, and Bidalgo has already exceeded them by far.”

Matthew Steiger, Senior Marketing Associate, DraftKings DraftKings

“Using the Bidalgo platform our large marketing team can conduct efficient user acquisition activity at scale – from campaign management and analysis to creative production – while reaching our KPIs.”

Riccardo Bianchetta, Head of Paid User Acquisition, Bending Spoons Bending Spoons

“Leveraging Bidalgo’s platform and expertise, we were able to free up more of our team’s time through automation and utilize the cross-channel insights to drive efficient performance at scale.”

Eugenia Kovalenko, Director of Marketing, Smule Smule
Bidalgo is a leader in Creative Management Platforms on G2
Creative Management Platforms
Bidalgo is a leader in Cross-Channel Advertising on G2
Bidalgo is a leader in Cross-Channel Advertising on G2
Cross Channel Advertising

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Bidalgo is a leader in Mobile Advertising on G2
Bidalgo is a leader in Mobile Advertising on G2
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Bidalgo is a leader in Social Media Advertising on G2
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“Since partnering with Bidalgo, we can spend more time focusing on what's important: optimizing for performance”

"Bidalgo makes every single day of user acquisition towards specific ROI goals easier."

“Bidalgo significantly optimizes my way of collecting and analyzing data of different creatives.”

“We're solving the issue of artists not being data driven.”

“Makes UA life easier and saves money”

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